AppZilla is a Cloud-Based Marketing Software

Are you really paying outrageous amounts of money for squeeze pages, countdown timers, social media buttons, lead capture boxes, split testing pages, and more? A common issue with multiple apps is slowdown, systems reduced to a crawl, and maybe crashing away from the workload.
That won’t happen with AppZilla — yes, those apps are snippets. Small, compact, and fast-launching versions, giving the tools you will desire without slowdown.
The creators also manage the processing power with their servers, freeing up the user’s system. As one among the first companies to package apps together, they possess years of experience within streamlining device program bundles. Adding the code into your own page takes less than a moment. Want to find out more?
AppZilla is a Cloud-Based promotion Software designed to offer 14 different web-based applications that may be used on almost any website.
Appzilla is also compatible with content management systems (such as WordPress and Joomla etc); also works effectively on mobile devices due to its web-based (cloud-based) and fully responsive nature.
- It’s really cost effective – The creators use snippets – Great support and tutorials – appropriate for all types of websites. – All apps will be responsive and will be shown properly on all devices.
- The price is pretty high, but with tons of the awesome apps, it’s worth 9.3/10
Vidkala Review
Vendor Eric Dieperink
Product AppZilla
Launch Date 2017-Oct-04
Establish Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $67
Re Fund YES, Thirty Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Support Effective Response
Official site Click the link
Recommended Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels
AppZilla was produced by Eric Dieperink along with his partner Martin Verlaan.
Back in 2003 Eric Dieperink transferred from the Netherlands to live and operate on the beautiful island of Mallorca. After twelve months the company went bankrupt and he had to understand to survive to a island with no jobs. That’s the moment when he discovered affiliate advertising! Eric kept on learning everything about SEO, email marketing, webdesign and also many more aspects about Internet advertising. After four years of work and study, he decided to share his knowledge by creating simple-step video courses about “how to earn money on the web.”
Martin has been passionate about programming since his early youth. Because of his years of experience no problem is too big, Martin always has a solution for it.
Martin met Eric Dieperink six years ago and was touched with his passion : internet marketing. Since then they are a golden team and together they’ve put many useful promotion tools and products on the market.
Please take a look at the future part with this AppZilla Inspection as I’ll indicate the most outstanding features of AppZilla.
Here’s A Sneak Peak In The Various Web-based Applications Embedded in Appzilla:
Inch. Appzilla’s Call To Action Video Player
Get ready to earn money from your own videos and also other videos together with your Call To Action Video Player.
It’s fully responsive, unbranded (with no watermark from Appzilla) and capable of boosting sales and opt-ins significantly more than 300%. Users may make money from their own videos along with alternative videos. It works with a self hosted mp4 video, Amazon s3, Dropbox and Youtube; with the ability to Automobile play with and reset player thickness and height. Users may opt to put social media marketing share buttons, images, text, hyperlinks and custom html within their videos (Endless possibilities). Users can put their emblem Together with the initial logo on each video (Logo Masking) It also protects user movie files automatically by hiding video URL out of source code and rendering it difficult for others to rip, share or download videos
2. Appzilla’s Spinner
You don’t always want the services of those expensive copywriters, Article Spinner could possibly get the task done faster and smarter.
Users can make 1000 new articles from one article.
Best built English thesaurus. Unlimited nested spinning. Full-sentence and paragraph spinning. Spins HTML, photo’s, videos, meta tags and paragraphs. Fully guaranteed 95% more effective then writing your articles. No longer expensive outsourcing to some trainee
3. Appzilla’s Chat Bot
Engage your visitors 24/7 together with our powerful Chat Bots
They are fully responsive and totally customizable! They can boost sales and opt-ins more than 200 percent They create user websites energetic. They have smart AI’s, visitors will never know that they’re in fact speaking with a computer and not just a human. They can be trained to be somewhat interactive.
Users may set chat-bots on other websites and charge for each lead that they receive.
4. Appzilla’s Countdown Timer
Imagine your landing pages appearing like a onetime, exclusive and desperate event for every visitor (evergreen). Count down timers invokes the urgency to any visitors.
They make urgency and scarcity to user websites for more sales, opt-ins and revenues. They possess Evergreen countdowns, Time and date countdowns and Flexible expiry options. They also work with any kind of website; and so are fully responsive and completely customizable.
5. Appzilla’s Stop Re-fund
Stop Refunds is “refund” software that’s essential for merchants and Internet marketers!
With Stop Refunds, dissatisfied customers proceed through a fully automated funnel where replacement products are offered by the shop owners. This way user’s will transform the unhappy customers into satisfied customers and save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per year! This global unique feature sends customers to a offer page, created automatically by AppZilla. It saves time and money with 10 percent less refunds. It unveils a win situation. Client is joyful and you keep the money!
Boost your opt-in rates (200 percent) with higher trust, by taking advantage of the Lead Capture Box.
It works with all popular advertising and marketing platforms for example: Aweber, Getresponse along with MailChimp etc.. It’s fully responsive and totally customizable. (which is not possible with all leadpages) It creates higher trust and optin rates.
7. Appzilla’s Exit Pop up
Get ready to hold on to your visitors with the use of our depart popup or period based (ex: shows after 30 seconds) popup, to gather more leads and sales.
Exit Pop-ups are fully responsive; with users able to design website popup’s in whatever way they like. offers a time based popup and also an exit popup. You could also incorporate a countdown timer or alternative scripts generated by AppZilla.
Design beautiful squeeze pages using video backgrounds and opt-in forms. Squeeze pages are also fully responsive and compatible with our lead capture boxes.
AppZilla’s landing-page (squeezepage) Generator works with popular advertising and marketing platforms for example: Mailchimp, Aweber and Getresponse etc.. It’s fully responsive and completely customizable. Full width video backgrounds works together a self hosted mp4 video, Amazon s3, drop-box and Youtube. Suitable for CMS like WordPress and Joomla.
Unlimited pages.
9. Appzilla’s Social networking Buttons
Experience the delight and engagement of our unique Social Media Buttons.
When positioned on websites they spawn more engagement.
10. Appzilla’s Split Test
Get ready to revolutionize the previously complicated, expensive and time consuming task of optimizing web pages also offers for maximum conversions.
With the amazing Split Test tool, users may see which page converts the best. Appzilla’s Split-Test may also split test pages or elements in their pages. Works on all CMS such as WordPress and Joomla etc
Just like a countdown urgency, it is possible to cause scarcity, with a seat or ticket countdown. And the best part is…It does not countdown like a clock, but randomly.
They create urgency and scarcity on user websites for more sales, opt-ins and revenues. Works perfect with our evergreen countdown timer to get more urgency. They also focus with any sort of website; and so are fully responsive.
Lets banners rotate on user website. Perfect, for banner split testing.
The banner ads allows one to show banners (images) at the same area on a web page without having to use multiple files or programming. Each new page view triggers a different thing from your rotator.
Perfect, for banner split testing.
1-3. Appzilla’s URL Shortener
Sick and tired of those long ugly affiliate links? It’s possible to create them look nice and short together with all our unique URL Shortener. Its perfect for virtually all of your links. Related Post: Why You Should Cloak Your Blog’s Affiliate Links?
Make short url’s and brand them in every way you want. Track your links also gather crucial advertising and marketing information to maximize your traffic.
Related Post: Why You Should Cloak Your Blog’s Affiliate Links?
14. Appzilla’s notification pub
Find notifications faster and easier with the Notification Bar program.
Users may have their notification bars drifting on very top or bottom in their websites. Users may put literally everything in there, out of countdown timers, optin forms to texts
“AppZilla” fills a vacuum which has been in the Online Sales Business for as long as there have now been Internet marketers… And helps you to dominate your niche using exactly the same applications we use to build viral campaigns, grow lists and make more revenue!
AppZilla will not just make a whole lot more sales for you, but also saves a huge amount of money for your internet business! There are 4 large reasons you should receive it right now.
It’s an all inclusive website
You basically get each of the tools (14 web-based apps) you want in 1 place, and the servers can enable one free up that much needed speed.
It’s very cost effective
Because these apps are in 1 location, also because we’ve apps which can be developed to lower your refund rate (stop Refunds), you save a lot money.
They use snippets
A lot of WordPress websites has so many plugins, they eventually become very slow or maybe non-functional. Together with Appzilla that won’t happen, simply because snippets are lighter and everything happens on their own server.
Terrific support and tutorials
They will have more than 20 video tutorials to guide your every step, and so they offer 24/7 email support.
The best part is the fact that the creators have designed a miraculous program (Stop Refunds) to help merchants funnel customers into additional options. People get choices through an automated process which presents other options to get a customer including a replacement product. This brand new system may provide you 15 percent less refunds a calendar year, all with a win situation. Your customer is satisfied, and you keep the money!
The customers have been sent to ‘special offer’ pages automatically made by AppZilla, saving you time and money. Doing this can transform a dissatisfied customer into a happy one while saving hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. An automated customer complaint resolution system can in keeping them happy while you’re able to focus on your business instead of the complaints!
Wondering is it for you personally? AppZilla works perfect for affiliate marketers, internet marketers, webshop owners, basically anybody with a website!
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Nevertheless, in case you’re in serious need of some advice, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime. Regardless, thankyou for reading my AppZilla Review. Goodbye, also see you again!